Latest Office for National Statistics show increase of femicide in the UK

Current femicide numbers

With momentary dips along the way, the annual homicide report shows during 2009 the figure for femicides was 193 that year and over the decade the figure has increased by 25%.

Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

The Female Census report findings

Latest figures come one year after the Female Census report found 147 women were killed by 147 men in 2018. A figure that has increased by ten compared to the previous year and is the highest figure since the census began in 2009.

  • 52% of perpetrators had previous histories of violence towards women or the victim
  • 68% of femicides took place in the woman’s house
  • 39% of women were killed by men who had never been or were not intimate partners.

Post-pandemic figures

Back in April during the early months of lockdown women’s charity Refuge reported a 700% increase in the amount of online traffic its national domestic abuse website was receiving.



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Aida fofana

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