“We’re told Britain’s the good guy, Britain abolished slavery but we can’t do that!” — A look at Britan’s slave-trading legacy

Credit, PA media. Fallen Edward Colston statue
Credit Historic England Archive. The Edward Colston statue photographed in photographed around 1895–1900, Bristol.

How Britain remembers it’s slave trade past

Dr Kheninde Andrews articulates the complex economic benefits Britain inherited from its involvement.

Credit Michael Graham-Stewart , circa 1880.

How abolition came about in British Caribbean colonies

In 1807 the Slave Trade Act was made illegal yet slavery wasn’t abolished until 1833 under The Slavery Abolition Act, calling for the emancipation of all enslaved people in most British territories.

Britain’s economy was in flux

Credit The National Archive

Resistance and rebellion against the British slave trade

News of enslaved Africans rebelling and resisting circulated in Britain causing fear that uprisings would grow.

Credit The National Archives. The document gives an account of how a slave leader Cudjoe threatened an estate overseer in Tobago during revolts round 1774.
Leader of Leeward slave rebellion leader Cudjoe
Image of Leeward Maroon leader, Cudjoe.

Haitian revolution

The Saint Domingue (Haiti) revolution was a 400,000 enslaved people revolt led by Toussaint L’Ouverture.

The Maroon wars

The First Maroon wars were periodic battles against the British across Jamaica.

Credit The National Archive. British military order that enslaved Africans must surrender the eleven-day Baptist rebellion that started on 25 December 1831. 20,000–60,000 enslaved Africans in Jamacia rebelled.

The compensation of slaveowners

The efforts of resistance movements throughout colonies contributed to the freedom of enslaved Africans, but emancipation came at a cost.

Moving forward and understanding Britain’s legacy

The national revelation of Britian’s history of slave trading and owning brought forward discussions about the country’s history and racism.

How we remember Britain’s legacy

As statues are pulled down, many protested they preserve Britain's history.



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